1 Year Beer Giveaway Terms & Privacy Policy

NOTICE: In no way is this giveaway endorsed, associated with, sponsored by, or administered by YouTube, Instagram or any social media platform it’s promoted on.

The Crumby Beard 1 Year Beer Giveaway is a promotional giveaway for fans and followers of The Crumby Beard on various social media platforms. The competition will have multiple means of entry over various platforms and a variety of prizes as outlined below. Each winner will receive a singular set prize which will be determined prior to each instance of the draw.

The 1 Year component of this giveaway is a reference to the giveaway promotion being a supporting component of the first year completion of The Crumby Beard on social media platforms, and does not refer to the quantity or frequency of any prizes.

Eligibility & Location: Due to the nature of the prizes and industry supplying them, only valid UK residents over the age of 18 are eligible to win. Prizes must be delivered to a UK address and proof of age may be required.

Entries: This Giveaway has multiple means of entry, all of which are free of charge. Entrants will be eligible to win prizes by interacting with The Crumby Beard official Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/thecrumbybeard/), the requirements for such will be for “Liking” and “Sharing” any number of Giveaway related posts by the aforementioned account, and also be required to “Follow” the aforementioned account as means of gaining a single entry. Each Giveaway related post “Liked” and “Shared” will class as an additional entry. Additional chances to win prizes in this Giveaway will be available throughout a live-broadcast on The Crumby Beard YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/TheCrumbyBeard), a 12-hour celebration broadcast due to take place on Saturday 5th February 2022 from 12pm GMT to 11:59pm GMT. Date and time of the broadcast is subject to change at the organisers discretion. Participation in the “Live Chat” during the broadcast within 15 minutes prior to the random draws will be required as a means of entry via this platform. “Subscribing” to The Crumby Beard YouTube channel is not required for a valid entry, but doing so will be suggested during promotion as a means to make participants aware of additional ways to win.

Prizes: The prizes of this Giveaway are likely to include, but are not limited to gift vouchers and gift packs from a variety of UK breweries. Pre-determined beer-based prizes may also come available. The quantity and frequency of the prizes will be variable depending on the perceived success of the promotion, with a minimum of 4 prize draws and collectively prizes to an equivalent value of £100. Prizes may not be exchanged for any alternative or monetary value. Prizes will be delivered either via email for digital vouchers, or by a parcel service of the organisers choice.

Timings: At minimum, the first two draws will take place during the aforementioned live-broadcast on The Crumby Beard YouTube Channel, and at minimum the final two draws will take place on aforementioned The Crumby Beard Instagram account a week later on Saturday 12th February 2022. Dates and times are subject to change at the organisers discretion.

Winners: Winners will be decided during the aforementioned timings using random generator tools. For the Instagram draw, all valid Instagram usernames will be entered in to https://commentpicker.com/random-name-picker.php and this format will be used to determine winners for each Instagram based draw. For those entering via participation in the aforementioned live-broadcast on YouTube, winners will be determined via the NightBot Giveaways service (https://nightbot.tv/giveaways). Should either of these methods fail to be suitable for the volume or frequency of the draws, suitable alternatives will be provided. Winners will be contacted via Instagram or directly in the live-broadcast to arrange further discussion regarding prize delivery.

Note: The terms of this promotion are subject to change without notice.

Privacy Notice

All personal information information acquired during this promotion of any individuals will only be used as a means to fulfil any winning entrant with their prize – this may include sharing details with third party services for means of prize delivery. All data will be in accordance with UK law. Entering this competition does not grant the organiser any right to store, sell or use any entrants personal information in any other way.