Welcome to the review of Bateman’s Triple XB, a classic beer that has been around since 1978. This beer has been a formative experience for many people who love brewing, and it's still a big hitter despite being less well-known nationally and internationally. Today, we will find out if it's still worth your time and money in 2023.

Before we dive into the review, let's talk about the history of the beer style. Bateman's Triple XB is a classic British Ale and is a part of a beer style known as Extra Special Bitter or ESB. This beer style is a variation of the classic bitter and has a higher alcohol content and more malt complexity. The ESB beer style is a creation of English brewers in the 19th century and was designed to have a more intense flavour profile.

Now let's talk about Batemans Brewery. The brewery was founded in 1874 in Lincolnshire, not too far from Nottinghamshire. The brewery is still family-owned and operated, making it unique in today's world of big multinational conglomerates. Bateman’s is not just a craft brewery; it's a family legacy. The label reads, "Craft Brewers Since 1874," which is quite impressive, and while it may be a relatively recent addition jumping on the craft hype marketing, it's still accurate.

Bateman's Brewery has been involved in the bottling of Guinness and Bass beers for their local area. This collaboration shows that Bateman’s Brewery has been a part of the brewing industry for over a century and has contributed to the production of some of the most iconic beer brands globally.

Now, let's talk about Bateman's Triple XB. The beer was launched on the 1st of February 1978, which makes it 45 years old as of the time of this review. The beer is a classic example of the ESB style and has an alcohol content of 4.8% by volume. The beer has a red chestnut coloration and is super clear, which is what you would expect from the style.

Let's get into the review. The aroma of the beer is quite pleasant on the nose, and it doesn't have foggy tendencies. It is an old school, classic British ale with a slightly zesty and green hop profile. The biscuity caramel malt is the standout aroma, and it's the reason why many people go back to this beer from time to time.

The appearance of the beer is a bit disappointing, as the head has gone, and it looks flat. However, despite the disappointment visually, the beer's taste is quite good, and it has a good carbonation level. The beer has a rich malt complexity and a smooth bitterness that is perfect for an ESB.

In conclusion, Bateman’s Triple XB is a classic beer with a rich history and a unique flavour profile that still stands the test of time. If you are a fan of classic British ales or looking to try something different, this beer is worth your time and money in 2023. Despite the lack of visuals, the aroma and taste of the beer make up for it, and it's an excellent addition to any beer lover's collection.

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