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wild turkey versus Makers Mark but which

101 is the one that you


want hello and welcome back to the

channel and yes today I’m taking a look

at wild turkey versus makers Mar with

their 101 tagged products now while

Turkey 101 I’ve covered a lot on this

channel before and it’s just a pretty

accessible relatively hype bourbon

everyone just seems to love it

regardless and it comes in at an

absolutely incredible price point we’ll

get on to prices a little bit later as a

result of that interest some people

speculate that Makers Mark titled theirs

101 and did it at 101 proof because of

the success of of the wild turkey now no

one really knows whether that’s true or

whether they genuinely did believe that

well their product was just better at

that very specific 101 proof and put it

out at that anyway but hey who knows but

today we’re going to find out which 101

is indeed the one that you want now as

I’ve already said I have talked a lot

about Wild Turkey 101 on this channel in

the past and I have also reviewed the

maker Mark 101 and I absolutely loved it

so in terms of which one I like well I

can tell you right now I like both of

them but I’m going to try and help you

understand which one is the one to go

for if you’ve got the choice in the UK

at least the choice might be quite

limited you might be pretty much only be

able to get the wild turkey because the

Makers Mark 101 in the UK and I believe

in Europe is pretty much a Travelers

exclusive airport exclusive it’s not

necessarily that much more expensive but

you basically you got to go on holiday

or go on a work trip in order to get one

most of the time it is now a shelf

release in the US or at least it was

there’s a bit of certainty about that in

some places but anyway it will be an

interesting test just before we break

into these a bit about both whiskies

both are 101 proof or 50.5% which for me

is one of my personal kind of favorite

proof points I just think it’s well to

be honest just looks enough but without

being over the top I do like Barrel ede

don’t get me wrong but as a easy sipper

when having to think about it too much

yeah that kind of 100 Proof point is

about where I’m going to

go the mash bills on these two though

are pretty different the wild turkey

comes in at 75% corn 133% rye and 12%

barley the makers though is pretty

different and is effectively a wheed

whiskey it still comes in at 70% corn

but it’s 16% wheat instead of any r at

all and 14% barley so actually what we

have are two very similar Mash bills in

terms of percentages but yeah one

swapped out the Rye for the wheat and

that will make a massive difference in

terms of Ages the wild turkey used to

have an age statement on it a few years

ago used to be branded as has an

8-year-old bourbon they don’t do that

anymore so we can assume it’s probably

not all 8-year old but yeah probably

hopefully not too much less and the

maker Mark is estimated to be around 6

years old it’s basically it is 6 years

old but they don’t absolutely guarantee

it so there might be some 5 year 300 day

kind of stuff in there but it’s about 6

years old so again this argument say

they’re probably pretty similar cost

wise at least in the UK the Wild Turkey

101 well it’s on offer in a few

supermarkets now at 20 5 a bottle

absolute steel and that can go up to

about 35 when it’s not on an offer at

all meanwhile the 101 does fluctuate a

lot because it’s an airport buy so

you’re kind of subject to exchange rates

and all that sort of stuff but I’ve

heard it as low as 35 and well the

bottle I paid I think I ended up paying

about 45 for it when I got mine so look

it’s it’s it’s definitely a big step

between at the extremes 25 quid 45 quid

nearly double but then again on the

other side actually can go for 35 quid

and this can go for 35 quid so they’re

pretty similar overall I will give you a

very quick look at both bottles the wild

turkey I mean I think everyone’s seen it

by now if you watch this channel

regularly it is just a wild turkey

bottle it’s slightly taller I believe

than the stock version the regular wild

turkey no one talks about that the 80

proof everyone just wants the 101

meanwhile the Makers Mark 101 is a

distinct kind of Premium version

obviously their regular is uh well it’s

not this one basically um got a couple

that kind of sit beneath it the 46

arguably about the same but it’s a very

glitzy heavy bottle this the gold and

all that wax top always makes a big

difference but you know it just looks



business the only bad thing is it’s a

screw cap we get no [ __ ] pop on the uh

on the makers it always annoys me I know

it probably makes no difference at all

and the wax the depth on the wax

actually makes it quite difficult to p

without spilling which is a bit of a

shame but here we are right then in the

glasses uh there is there is a bit of a

difference I don’t know if it will come

across on camera but the wild turkeys

got a they’re similar depthy but the

wild turkeys maybe got a more dull muted

kind of almost peachy tone to it whereas

that uh Makers Mark 101 has definitely

got this Big Rich orange tangerini thing

going on but they both look good right

then Aromas first we go for the 101

the 101 jeez we’ll go for the Wild

Turkey 101 first

Aromas it’s been a while since I’ve had

this and I feel like I’m going to regret

not having drank more of it it’s oy it’s

sweet but it has got a slightly earthy

tanning Rich it’s kind of savory but

it’s more on the yeah leathery tanning

kind of level the um the big brother to

this the rare bre that is a proper

leather bomb it’s got heaps of it this

though since I’ve not had it for a while

yeah really starting to show itself but

yeah as say it’s quite distinctly

typical bourbon is the typical bourbon

Mash build it’s got your vanilla caramel

slightly fudgy maybe a few chocolate

hints going on but also this kind of


almost people often refer to it as dried

tobacco I think in whiskey reviews that

that kind of note but I’m not really

getting the the vegetable nature it’s

much more leather big yeah leather

tanning thing right then onto the


Mark huge difference I’ve always mak’s

Mark for me has been funny because I

never sip it and go that’s a wheed

whiskey when I just have it on its own

it’s I know it is but never like oh it’s

definitely wheed but side by side softer

much more rounded got this kind of

peachy apricot nectarine fleshy fruit

thing along with with a load of oy hit

notes and there’s a bit of Honey

cherries yeah 101 things in there really

if you pardon the pan the grain popping

off in the background it’s

um yeah it’s a fantastic smelly thing I

think based on pure Aroma I think the

makers is more approachable a bit softer

a bit more like all of the flavors go

together think about it it’s fruit honey

sweetness like yes there’s a bit of

other things in there there’s a bit of

alcohol burn on it there’s a bit of the

grain But ultimately it is in that sweet

and fairly safe wheelhouse whereas the

wild turkey bit more violent bit pokier

on the nose although this one has been

open a lot longer than the um than the

makers has so that has died off a little

bit but it’s sweet and sharp it’s

contrasting it’s got it’s definitely got

more depth but it doesn’t necessarily

pull me in so pretty even if I’m honest

it really depends what you like and I

think my preference out these two just

on Aroma would vary day today and that

will probably be quite a recurring theme

throughout this video so we’ll go for

the wild turkey first

cheers look at the legs on

that really good for a 100 proof that

absolutely stunning as is the flavor I

mean it is a bit hot up front it’s got

some rough edges but despite that the

fact that that can be a 25 quid B

is astounding in terms of individual

flavors and of course these things

progress as you sayp it but just as an


reaction typical vanilla bourbon

sweetness little bit of

extra slightly floral sweet honey kind


thing but then the spice comes in big on

this really big that rye hitting through

it’s kind of cinnamon


Unapologetic prickly and I actually just

kind of love it few dark and fruit notes

in there could be Cherry again and if

you let this one sit I do find that

bottle has to be open for a while have

to have not a lot of anything else kind

of disturbing your pette and you do

start to get a few of those leathery

tanning notes from the aroma coming

through on the taste as well I picked

them up immediately in The Rare Breed in

the 101 I think in my early reviews of

it probably not so much but yeah as it

develops there is definitely a bit of

that Lea REO kicking around there and on

the aftertaste oy Woody bit of maple

syrup perhaps with that extra Sweetness

in there still spicy but it’s dled off a

bit it’s kind of lost this cinnamon hot

Edge it’s a bit more peppery yeah and

that leather lingers it really does it’s

it’s a great introduction to what

complex big variable contrasting bourbon

can be without being too harsh it’s just

it’s not the easiest starter bourbon but

it might be one of the easiest starter

Bourbons that actually give you a proper

expression of a big range of flavors if

that makes any sense onto then the maker

mark but first quick water

break all right then

cheers soft sweet candy it’s chewy that

I think I said that in the original

review as well it’s got a real depth to

it the legs are decent not quite as good

I don’t think as the uh as the wild

turkey but despite all that

approachability and loads of sweetness

and feeling like it’s just a bit cakey

and yeah it has got

this slightly AR stringent pulling

cleansing kind of antiseptic kind of

vibe that I often associate with Scotch

whiskey I say it about a few Bourbons to

be honest so maybe it’s not just a

scotch thing but yeah it’s a CLE it’s a

cleansing note that you don’t

necessarily get in a lot of more

mainstream bourbon at least uh not that

Makers Mark isn’t mainstream you know

what I mean like the regular regular

stuff um and you don’t tend to get it so

much in the higher end stuff but there

seems to be this weird bit in the middle

ground where

that I don’t know quite how to describe

it but it’s you know it’s CLE it’s

iodine rubbing alcohol it’s not a strong

interpretation of any of them iodine is

definitely too strong actually but you

know what I mean like it’s got this

distinct almost Medical medicinal

cleaning stuff basically but it’s not

necessarily a bad thing because there’s

so much Sweetness in there that actually

think without it it might just be a bit

too much other flavors

though very similar floral honey that

you got on the wild turkey it’s got a

heap of just vanilla caramel goodness it

has got some nice strong Woody notes

there is always an argument kind of you

add the sweetness to the Woody notes you

kind of end up with something a bit

Maple syrupy it’s not as distinct in

this as it was in the wild turkey but

there’s an argument certainly for it

being there and just had a

thought my first thought is I should

really watch my individual reviews of

bottles for what I thought I tasted

before to see if it’s still changing or

not cuz I can’t really can’t remember

what I said about it but in

addition that balancing

contrasting slightly cleansing I need

another sip of water at this point it’s

um starting to tug on the throat a

little bit but yeah that antiseptic you

know rubbing alcohol kind of thing it’s

starting to get a bit of a Sav Edge and

it’s starting to remind me a little bit

of kind of you know bakel Tarts marzy

pan almond is the I guess the the answer

to those two it’s not rich it’s not

overt but there is something just a

little bit nutty but also perfumey in a

weird way I don’t know almonds I’m not

really a big fan of I don’t mind it in

this at all cuz it does help balance

that sweetness off but I’ve always find

them hard to describe to me they’re kind

of semi sweet semi ultimately a bit

weirdly floral and yeah there’s

definitely a touch of that about it and

that comes in with a bit of alcohol burn

and as a result you end up with

something that’s yeah feels maybe a

little bit syn not synthetic that’s the

wrong word uh medicinal again basically


so now I’ve had both if I come back to

the turkey I like Rye I really like rye

and I’ll be honest I really thought

starting actually thought you know what

I was going to end up saying that the

makers is the better product but it is

more expensive and therefore they’re

kind of even you don’t need to

worry I think that might still be the

case makers feels maybe a bit more

considered definitely a few less rough

edges to it

but that heat that ride the Breck with

the leather and everything else the

turkey is just true BB so if you like

weer stuff you know you already like

weer stuff the 101 is fantastic I love

it I to be honest I’m kind of worried

about drinking all of this and then not

being able to get anymore but damn that

Wild Turkey 101 is absolutely outrageous


is so good for the price it’s unreal so

yeah if you can’t get your hands on the

maker Mark don’t worry too much if you

wen’t really sure which you prefer um

but I will say as I said in my previous

video about the makers it is Leaps and

Bounds ahead of their regular entry like

it is fantastic but for me right here

right now I’m still just going to go

away and take the wild turkey I think

but they are significantly different and

as a result if you can get both get both

because there’ll be days that you prefer

one and days that you prefer the other

and that really is all I’ve got to say

about it so as always thank you very

much for watching if you enjoyed this

video please like it if you haven’t

already subscribed if you would be so

kind and I’ll catch you next time cheers


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