Welcome back to the channel, where today we will be reviewing the Peanut Caramel Chocolate Imperial Stout from the Vocation Naughty & Nice selection box. As the fourth beer in this fantastic collection, we were starting to wonder if it would start to get repetitive. However, this particular brew was one that we were particularly excited about. The official description from Vocation promises a milk chocolate Imperial Stout packed with roasted peanut flavour and a caramel nougat nougat centre.

But before diving into our thoughts, let's take a moment to delve into the history of the Imperial Stout. This style of beer originated in England in the 18th century, when it was brewed for export to the Russian court of Catherine the Great. It was referred to as "stout porter" or "imperial porter" and was made with a high alcohol content to preserve the beer during its long journey to Russia. The Imperial Stout style has since evolved to include a wide range of ingredients, including chocolate, coffee, and fruit, and is now brewed by many craft breweries around the world.

Now, back to the Peanut Caramel Chocolate Imperial Stout. Upon pouring the beer, it is clear that it has a jet-black colour, almost impenetrable to light, with a caramel-coloured head. The aroma is unmistakably sweet, with the nutty scent of peanuts coming through. The sweetness from the previous beers in the series is still present, but the nutty aroma gives it a new level of depth.

Taking a sip, the mild prickly carbonation hits the front of the tongue, followed by a wave of peanut aroma. The initial flavour is nutty and savoury, almost Umami-like, with a slight dullness to it. However, as the beer progresses, the caramel flavour comes through and the nut flavour remains throughout. For the first time in the series, there is just a hint of alcohol burn, which tickles and teases before the swallow. The aftertaste starts clean and becomes dry, with a little more booziness.

Comparing this beer to the previous ones in the series, it is clear that this one diverges from the actual chocolate it is trying to replicate. However, this departure from the norm has led to a more complex and considered beer. The nutty flavour adds a new dimension, and the caramel provides balance to the beer, while the alcohol burn adds a touch of excitement. The roasty depth and complexity are what we would expect from a 9% Imperial Stout, and while there is still room for improvement, it is a much more satisfying beer than the previous two in the series.

In conclusion, the Peanut Caramel Chocolate Imperial Stout from Vocation is a well-crafted beer that offers a unique twist on the classic Imperial Stout style. With its nutty and caramel flavours, it is a more complex and satisfying beer than some of its predecessors in the Naughty & Nice series. Whether you're a fan of Imperial Stouts or not, this beer is definitely worth a try.

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