Tegernseer Hell German Lager Beer is a classic from the famous Bavarian brewery, Tegernseer. This beer is a well-regarded lager in the brewing community and is known for its smooth, easy-drinking flavor profile. This beer is the real deal, brewed in the heart of Bavaria, and is popular in Germany, particularly during Oktoberfest.

The bottle is traditional in its appearance, with checker patterns reminiscent of a racing flag. The beer is 4.8% alcohol by volume, which is standard for a European lager. When poured into a Lord's Brewing Co X Sleeper Lager Glass, the beer is crystal clear and has a light, grassy straw color. It has a healthy amount of carbonation and a white head that is both frothy and dense. When held up to the light, the beer has a beautiful light straw color.

The aroma of the beer is what sets it apart from other lagers. The smell of the beer immediately improves one's day, with a sweet, soft bready aroma that is reminiscent of fresh, artisanal bread. There is also a hint of green grass and a tiny bit of citrus. The malt does all the heavy lifting in the aroma, making it both rich and inviting.

The flavor of the beer is equally as impressive as its aroma. The pillowy texture of the beer is what makes it so easy to drink, with very little bitterness to speak of. The standout flavor of the beer is the wheaty, grainy, malty, barley bread flavor that is both bran-forward and cereal-heavy. It is almost like the taste of a good bowl of shredded wheat, but in liquid form.

The beer is sweet, with a flavor that takes its time to fully develop. The wrist bitterness in the beer is minimal, taking forever to reach the drinker's palate. This beer is an excellent example of a traditional German lager, with a flavor profile that is both smooth and easy-drinking. It is a beer that is sure to please anyone who appreciates a well-made lager, with a flavor that is both unique and inviting.

In conclusion, Tegernseer Hell German Lager Beer is a must-try for anyone who appreciates a well-made lager. The aroma and flavour of the beer are both inviting and memorable, making it a beer that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you're an avid beer drinker or just looking for a good beer to enjoy on a warm summer day, this beer is a must-try. So, grab a bottle, pour it into a glass, and enjoy the smooth, easy-drinking flavour of a true German classic.

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