Fuller's London Pride is a classic British ale that has been a staple in pubs across the UK for decades. This amber beer has a rich history, starting with its creation at the Fuller's Brewery in London, which was founded back in 1845. In this review, we'll take a look at whether or not London Pride is still as good as it was when it was first introduced, and whether it still deserves a place on the bar.

Fuller's London Pride is a 4.7% amber ale that is commonly referred to as a "best bitter". The beer comes in a tall, slender 500 mL bottle with a simple design featuring the Fuller's logo and the words "London Pride". The back of the bottle includes information about the beer, as well as a tie-in with Premiership rugby.

When pouring London Pride into a straight up pint glass, it becomes clear that the beer is lighter in colour than the reviewer initially remembered. The head is not as robust as the reviewer would have liked, but the beer is crystal clear with a light carbonation. On the nose, London Pride has a clean, crisp aroma with hints of summer berries and malt.

When it comes to the taste, London Pride is classic British ale in its purest form. The aroma translates directly to the flavour, with a fruity profile and a strong start bitterness. However, the beer also has a slight citrus note on the back end that can be overpowering and unbalanced. Additionally, the beer has a thin mouthfeel and a slightly over-sharp bitter finish, which are standard for this style of beer.

Overall, Fuller's London Pride is a decent beer that does not have many major flaws, but it also does not have many great qualities. The beer is refreshing and has a classic British ale flavour, but it does not stand out in any significant way. For those looking for a traditional British ale, London Pride may be a good option, but for those looking for something with more complexity or depth, it may not be the best choice.

In conclusion, Fuller's London Pride is a classic British ale with a rich history and a solid reputation. While it may not be the best beer on the market, it is still a decent option for those looking for a traditional British ale. Whether or not it still deserves a place on the bar will depend on personal preferences, but for those who have fond memories of this beer from their past, it is definitely worth trying again.

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