Bad Shepherd Brewing Co's Peanut Butter Porter is a unique and delicious beer that will tantalise your taste buds. This beer comes from Down Under, Australia and it was sent to me by my good friend, Trav, as part of a box of Australian beers to try. The Peanut Butter Porter comes in a 355ml stubby can with a straightforward but appetising design, featuring a golden colour with a few dents and dings from the postal service.

The Porter beer style has a long and rich history, dating back to the 18th century in London. The original Porter was a blend of three different beers and was created to appeal to the working-class population. The style quickly became popular and spread throughout the British Empire, eventually making its way to the United States where it became a staple of American craft beer.

The Peanut Butter Porter is a 6.4% ABV beer and has a solid, dark brown colour with hints of red. It's not jet black, but it's definitely in the right ballpark for a Porter. The beer has a luscious and clear appearance, with no real haze to it. The aroma is super sweet and super peanutty, reminiscent of Mr Tom bars, Snickers, and even Rocky Road. It has a confectionery-friendly sweetness, with an absolute heap of peanut aroma. It's like a peanut-heavy rocky road, with a real marshmallow sweetness to it.

The taste of the Peanut Butter Porter is simply amazing. The light sweetness, mild carbonation, and creamy vanilla marshmallow flavour will leave you in awe. Although the beer's body is a little thin, the luscious foam head makes up for it. The initial sweetness quickly turns into a creamy and marshmallow-like flavour, which is subtle and doesn't lead to bitterness. The beer's taste profile is like Rice Krispie squares, with the sweetness aroma from commercially available Kellogg's ones.

In conclusion, Bad Shepherd Brewing Co's Peanut Butter Porter is a top-tier beer that every beer enthusiast should try. Despite a slightly thin body, it's solid and has very little to complain about. The aroma and taste of the beer are simply amazing, with a confectionery-friendly sweetness that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. I would highly recommend this beer to anyone who loves craft beer and is looking for something unique and delicious to try. Cheers to Trav for sending it my way!

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