In this video I take a look at making my first whisky infinity bottle! But, probably the most surprising part is that I'm trying to do so using BAD WHISKY! What does that mean? Well, the whisky isn't actually "bad", it hasn't gone-off or anything like that - but it's whisky that I've acquired that I just don't really enjoy. As a result, it's unlikely to ever be used up, so lets attempt to rescue it by blending it with a few better drams in this - my first ever infinity bottle!

The final contributions and volumes of such in this infinity bottle are:

Whisk(e)yVolume (ml)
The Glenlivet Founders Reserve150
Penderyn Black Label Madeira Cask250
Tomatin Cu Bocan40
Slipknot No. 950
Benriach The Original Ten Triple Cask50
Red Breast 1250

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