Welcome back to the channel and another whiskey review! Today we will be talking about the Bottled in Bond Jack Daniel's 100 Proof. This whiskey has been in the reviewer's collection for close to a decade and was gifted to him as a present. It is a traveler's edition and is only available at airports.

The whiskey comes in a stylish box with a label that is reminiscent of the original Jack Daniel's number seven bottle. The bottle itself is a liter size and has a golden, honey-colored appearance that looks well-aged.

The nose of the whiskey is undoubtedly punchy due to its 50 ABV but it also has a kickback to the original number seven. It has a strong burnt caramel scent and also has a light antiseptic note. The aroma of the whiskey is layered and changes every time the nose is put to it.

The taste of the whiskey is bold due to its high alcohol content, but the heat is short-lived and punchy. The body of the whiskey feels thin and washy, and it is more representative with the nose and palate. The whiskey has elements of burnt toffee and caramel, a touch of antiseptic, and subtle floral and honey notes. It is punchy but not overly complex.

In conclusion, the Bottled in Bond Jack Daniel's 100 Proof is a whiskey that is representative of its nose and palate. It is not overly complex but has a punchy, bold flavor that makes it a good choice for those looking for a strong whiskey. The only downside is the thin body and washy texture, but it is a whiskey that is well-balanced and enjoyable.

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