Lincoln Green Brewery’s Schaffler American Stout is a beer that deserves your attention. Not only does the brewery offer an outstanding tour experience, but the beer itself is an exceptional example of the American Stout style. With its silky, hoppy and roasted flavours, the Schaffler American Stout is a unique and innovative offering from the Lincoln Green Brewery.

The brewery tour at Lincoln Green is a unique and memorable experience, as it includes not only a tour of the brewery but also a fully functioning bar and a traditional British fish and chip supper. The brewery tour provides a glimpse into the beer making process, giving visitors an insight into the differences between Lincoln Green and other breweries. With a new canning machine and a brewery shop that is open almost every day of the week, there are plenty of opportunities to taste and purchase the brewery’s beers.

The Schaffler American Stout is part of Lincoln Green’s Black Shale project, a line of craft beers that are designed to be innovative and experimental. The can is a work of art, with intricate artwork that continues around the back of the can. The can is as impressive as the beer itself, making it a standout product on the shelves.

On opening the beer, one is struck by the fresh aroma that is reminiscent of a brewery. The beer is a solid black with a one-finger off-white head and a glimmer of ruby red at the bottom. The aroma is complex, with notes of fresh malt, hops, and roasted coffee.

The taste of the Schaffler American Stout is silky, with a balance of hoppy and roasted flavours. The hops add a fresh and crisp quality to the beer, while the roasted malt provides a smooth and creamy finish. The beer is not too heavy or overpowering, making it an easy drinking beer that is perfect for any occasion.

The American Stout style has a long and interesting history, originating in the United States in the late 1800s. The style was created as a response to the popularity of the Irish Dry Stout, with American brewers adding their own twist by using American hops and malt. Today, the American Stout is a popular style that is enjoyed by beer enthusiasts all over the world.

In conclusion, the Schaffler American Stout from Lincoln Green Brewery is an exceptional beer that is worth trying. The brewery tour is a unique and enjoyable experience that provides visitors with an insight into the beer making process, and the Schaffler American Stout is a standout beer that is both innovative and delicious. Whether you are a fan of dark beers or just looking for a new and exciting beer to try, the Schaffler American Stout is definitely worth trying.

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