Vocation Naughty & Nice Malted Honeycomb Chocolate Stout is a unique and delicious beer that is perfect for the festive season. This beer is part of the Vocation Naughty & Nice Selection Box, which includes a range of stouts and imperial stouts that are inspired by popular Christmas chocolates. This review focuses on the Naughty & Nice Malted Honeycomb Chocolate Stout, which is a 6% stout that is designed to be a lighter alternative to regular stouts.

The packaging of this beer is a beautiful lettering on the front and the Vocation logo on the back. The glass that comes with this selection box is also of high quality, and the reviewer is very impressed by the design of the glass. The can design is also fantastic and gives a lot of information about the beer on the back.

The Naughty & Nice Malted Honeycomb Chocolate Stout has a creamy milk chocolate start with a malted milk honeycomb sphere flavour. The aroma of the beer is sweet and has a caramel scent, with some chocolate notes and a mineral quality from the Yorkshire water. The beer is a deep black colour with a light caramel coloured head.

The reviewer notes that the temptation to drink this beer quickly is high because it is super smooth and sweet without being overpowering. The beer has just enough malt character to make it a perfect choice for dark beer lovers. The only issue that the reviewer has with this beer is that it has lost a bit too much of the bitterness, but for its 6% ABV, the beer is about right.

Overall, the Naughty & Nice Malted Honeycomb Chocolate Stout is a great beer that is easy to drink and perfect for the festive season. The reviewer would love to see this beer become a part of Vocation's core range as it is a high-quality and delicious beer. The beer style has a rich history, and chocolate stouts have been popular in the craft beer industry for many years. These beers are often made with chocolate malt, chocolate syrup, cocoa nibs, or chocolate extract, and are known for their rich, sweet, and chocolatey flavours. Whether you're a fan of dark beers or just love the taste of chocolate, this beer is definitely worth trying.

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