Vocation Brewery’s Naughty & Nice Whipped Nougat Chocolate Stout is a brew that’s all about indulgence. This 7% ABV beer promises a rich and creamy drinking experience with its light whipped vanilla nugget flavour and milk chocolate notes. The beer comes in a can that’s designed to evoke the iconic look of a chocolate bar, and it delivers on the promise of a decadent treat in a glass.

Stouts have a long and storied history in the beer world, dating back to the late 1700s. Originally brewed as a dark, robust and nutritious alternative to lighter beers, stouts were often served to workers as a form of sustenance. They were made with a higher percentage of malted barley, giving them a stronger flavour profile and a higher alcohol content than other beers of the time. In the 19th century, stouts were further differentiated from porters, and the two styles became distinct from one another. Today, stouts are enjoyed all over the world, and come in a variety of flavours, from traditional to experimental.

Vocation Brewery’s Whipped Nougat Chocolate Stout is a unique take on the classic stout style. The addition of whipped vanilla nugget flavour is a nod to the Milky Way chocolate bar, and the milk chocolate notes bring a sweetness to the beer that is difficult to resist. Upon pouring the beer into a glass, it’s immediately clear that this is a dark and brooding brew. The beer has a near-black appearance, with a light head that quickly dissipates. The aroma of the beer is sweet, with hints of vanilla and toffee, but there’s not much roastiness to be found.

Taking a sip of the Whipped Nougat Chocolate Stout is a treat for the senses. The initial hit of sweet vanilla and milk chocolate is followed by a sensation that mimics the experience of eating a Milky Way. There’s a bit of drying in the mid-palette that makes the beer a little bit addictive, and the flavour profile is one-dimensional but in a good way. The beer has a good body and a balanced flavour, but it’s not as complex as some stouts can be. As the beer warms up, it does start to open up a bit, but it remains a simple, straightforward drinking experience.

In conclusion, Vocation Brewery’s Whipped Nougat Chocolate Stout is a beer that delivers on its promise of indulgence. This 7% ABV brew is a decadent treat for anyone looking for a sweet and creamy drinking experience. The beer’s one-dimensional flavour profile may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s a well-balanced and enjoyable brew nonetheless. Whether you’re a fan of stouts or just looking for a sweet and creamy drink, this beer is definitely worth trying.

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