Donzoko Weisse Beer, also known simply as Weisse, is a beer that definitely deserves to be tried. This beer, from the brewery called Donzoko, comes in a massive 500ml can and is sure to excite any beer lover. The brewery's origin, however, is a bit confusing. On the can, it says it is made in Leith near Edinburgh, Scotland, but some research shows that the brewery is actually based in the northeast of England. Nonetheless, the important thing is the beer itself, and the reviewer was excited to try it.

The front of the can features the Donzoko logo and the words "foamy bears for good times." This led the reviewer to believe that the beer might be quite foamy and possibly even explosive. However, after pouring the beer into a glass, it was found to be only moderately foamy with a deep orange, hazy colour and tiny bubbles.

The aroma of the beer was quite traditional for a weisse beer, with hints of yeast and lemon, clove, and a bit of sweetness. The aroma was subtle and subdued, possibly due to the amount of foam on top of the beer.

Upon tasting the beer, the reviewer found it to be a solid weisse beer, with a sweet and citrusy taste, a refreshing biscuity malt base, and a hint of lemon meringue pie. Although the beer had some great flavours, it was not without its flaws. The beer was a bit flat, and the flavours were a bit subdued and thin. The reviewer felt that the beer could be improved by adding a bit more carbonation.

The flavour profile of the beer was sweet, with a mild acidity on the front of the tongue and a citrusy taste without any bitterness. The beer was soft and pillowy, with an impression of flavours without any extremes.

Overall, the reviewer found Donzoko Weisse Beer to be a solid and enjoyable weisse beer, with some great flavours and a refreshing taste. Although the beer had some flaws, the reviewer felt that it was still worth trying.

Weisse beer is a style of beer that has been around for centuries and originated in Germany. The word "weisse" means "white" in German, and this beer style gets its name from its appearance, which is a cloudy, white colour. Weisse beer is typically brewed using wheat, which gives it its unique flavour and texture.

Weisse beer was originally brewed in Germany, but it soon became popular throughout Europe, and it was also exported to other parts of the world. The style was particularly popular in Belgium, where it was brewed using a different method that added a distinct flavour profile. Today, weisse beer is still enjoyed all over the world, and it continues to be a popular style of beer.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of weisse beer, or just looking to try something new, then Donzoko Weisse Beer is definitely worth a try. With its refreshing and unique flavour profile, this beer is sure to satisfy your beer cravings.

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