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SEVEN BRO7HERS Texture Like Sun: https://www.sevenbro7hers.com/product/texture-like-sun/

Seven Bro7hers describe their Texture Like Sun, as; Our latest Brewers Special by Brewer Dan. Say hello to Texture Like Sun. A mouth-watering salted caramel golden ale. Packed with spicy and floral notes – liquid gold!

Seven Bro7hers describe themselves as; SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWERY started in 2014, in Salford, as an idea that quickly became a reality. But like all ideas, its origins go way back… Our Dad, Eric, had a lot: a wonderful wife (our Mum), seven sons, four daughters, a cellar and a beer brewing kit. That’s where it started… A big, boisterous, fantastic tumble of a household is noisy and so Dad would seek refuge in the cellar making beer and causing the odd explosion! As each one of us hit 18, our first legal pint was of Dad’s beer, in the cellar, and so ale has a real and special significance to all of us. The seven of us had always fancied working together...but we all did different things, had different careers. Until one day it hit us… The thing that bound us together (beyond brotherhood, obviously) was beer - a deep-rooted love of craft ale. We’re all about beer... So we set up a brewery. It wasn’t easy, but we did it. Together. And our brewery has a tap room. It’s in Salford and we absolutely love it. Our craft beer is now sold all over the country as well as in our own Beerhouse in Ancoats, Manchester. And we’ve plans for more… We also have four sisters. They produce fantastic gin: check it out here (www.sis4ersdistillery.com). We’re the biggest bunch of siblings in booze!

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