Imperial stout beer is a style that has its roots in the late 17th century in England. This type of beer was initially brewed for the Russian Imperial Court and was usually high in alcohol content. The strong and dark beer was well-suited to the cold Russian climate, and it quickly became popular. Today, imperial stouts continue to be popular and are widely regarded as one of the best styles of beer for winter.

Brew York's 9.8% Nightmare of Brew York 2022 is a gingerbread imperial milk stout that has a high alcohol content. The beer has a distinctive and eye-catching can, with a cartoonish design that captures the festive spirit of Christmas. On the back of the can, there is a wealth of information about the beer, including ingredients and brewing methods.

On opening the can, the aroma of the beer is not particularly strong. However, once the beer is poured into a glass, the aroma becomes more pronounced. The beer has a jet-black colour and a caramel-toffee-coloured head. The aroma of the beer is rich and sweet, with notes of milk fudge, clotted cream fudge, and a hint of ginger spice. The aroma is reminiscent of Christmas decadence and is sure to whet the appetite of any beer lover.

The flavour of the beer is equally impressive. It is a rich, creamy, and luxurious imperial stout that is infused with a subtle hint of ginger. The ginger flavour is not overpowering, but it lingers in the mouth, adding a touch of warmth to the beer. The beer has a velvety texture and a smooth, silky finish.

Compared to last year's iteration of the beer, Brew York has made significant improvements to the flavour profile. Last year's version of the beer was good, but this year's version is even better. The gingerbread flavour of the beer is a nod to the festive season, and it makes the beer a perfect choice for winter.

In conclusion, Brew York's 9.8% Nightmare of Brew York 2022 is a fantastic imperial stout beer that is sure to please any beer lover. The high alcohol content and rich, creamy flavour make it an excellent choice for a winter's evening. Whether you're a fan of gingerbread or just a fan of imperial stouts, this beer is a must-try.

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