Blue Monkey Peach Margarita Gose is a refreshing sour beer with a fruity, peachy flavour that is slightly salty. The beer is a good example of the German-style Gose, which is known for its sour and salty taste. This article provides a brief history of the Gose style and offers a detailed review of Blue Monkey Peach Margarita Gose from the reviewer's perspective.

Gose originated in Goslar, Germany in the early 16th century. The beer was made with saltwater from the nearby Gose River, which gave it a distinctive salty taste. The beer was popular in the region and was exported to other parts of Germany. In the 18th century, Gose became popular in the city of Leipzig, where it was made with local water, coriander, and salt. The beer was widely popular until the 20th century when the popularity of Pilsners and lagers pushed it to the brink of extinction.

In the 1980s, a few German brewers started making Gose again, and the style has since gained popularity around the world. Today, Gose is known for its sour, salty taste, and often includes other ingredients such as fruit and spices.

The Blue Monkey Peach Margarita Gose is a great example of the Gose style. The beer has a cloudy, peach-coloured appearance and a juicy-looking quality. The aroma is light, fruity, and floral with a champagne-like effervescence.

The taste of the beer is layered and complex. The beer has a sour, fruity taste that is well balanced, with a nice sweet and bready malt profile. The saltiness of the beer is noticeable, but not overpowering, and it provides a nice contrast to the fruity sweetness.

The beer is carbonated and spritzy, with a tingly feeling on the lips. The sourness of the beer is not aggressive but still noticeable, with peach, nectarine, and orange flavours. The middle of the beer has a drop-off in intensity, but it makes up for it in subtlety, with more of the sour component, and a salty and bready taste that leads to the aftertaste.

The Blue Monkey Peach Margarita Gose is a good example of a modern sour beer, with a great balance between fruity and sour flavours. The beer has a unique taste that is refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. Overall, the beer is a great example of the Gose style, with its sour and salty taste, and fruity and bready flavours that make it a complex and enjoyable beer to drink.

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