This video review is a review of the Vocations Naughty & Nice Selection Box as an entire produce and with truncated reviews of all of the beers contained within it. If you'd like to know the full details of any of the beers, you can find the full video and written review for those using the links below:

MALTESERS BEER?! Vocation Naughty & Nice Malted Honeycomb Chocolate Stout [Craft Beer Review]

MILKY WAY BEER! Vocation Naughty & Nice Whipped Nougat Chocolate Stout [Chocolate Craft Beer Review]

8% TWIX BEER! Vocation Naughty and Nice Caramel Cookie Stout [Craft Beer Review]

9% SNICKERS BEER! Vocation Naughty & Nice Peanut Caramel Chocolate Imperial Stout

10% BOUNTY BEER! Vocation Naughty & Nice Coconut Milk Chocolate Imperial Stout [Craft Beer Review]

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